What is M.A.K.S.?

M.A.K.S. was originally created as an in-house desktop tax management program.  It was designed by a tax accountant to record bulk transactions in order to file taxes for business owners who waited the entire year to begin organizing their receipts, record income, expenses to have their taxes done.

Who is M.A.K.S. Tax App for?

M.A.K.S. is for Schedule C-Tax Filers. Such as self-employed, independent contractors, freelancers and small business owners.

Why do I need M.A.K.S. Tax App when I have a CPA?

If you have a professional to file your taxes and they do not specialize in Schedule C- business deductions, you may choose M.A.K.S. Tax App to  prepare a monthly report to give to your CPA which may reduce your accounting fess at the end of the year.

How much does M.A.K.S. Tax App cost?

M.A.K.S. Mobile App has several options to choose from. You can choose the FREE trial for 14-days to Try-Before-You-Buy or if you are ready to get started, choose from the 3 plan options.

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Will M.A.K.S. Tax App file my taxes?

No. M.A.K.S. is not a tax software program for filing taxes. It is strictly designed to help small business owners manage their income and expenses by planning, tracking, organizing and learning what what tax deductions are allow for their business and if they use their home office for business, they can track deductions for home used for business. If you need help with filing and preparing your taxes, select the appointment option in M.A.K.S. Mobile App to set up an appointment with a tax advisor.