M.A.K.S. Mobile App

M.A.K.S. is short for Monthly Account-Keeping System.

M.A.K.S. was originally created in the year 2001 as a desktop solution and have helped thousands of business owners file their 1040 Schedule C Profit and Loss for Business tax returns timely, accurately and paid less taxes.

Of course there are many tools out there like journals, accounting software and spreadsheets but there is none like M.A.K.S. Mobile App. WHY?

Here are 7 Reasons Why You May Need M.A.K.S. Mobile App….

#1. M.A.K.S. Mobile App is not just another app. It is a learning tool that will keep you up-to-date on IRS-Internal Revenue Tax rulings on small business tax deductions. We all know that changes occur every year and M.A.K.S. will keep you in the know.

#2. M.A.K.S. Mobile App will help you track your income and expenses each month to show you how much revenue your have earned and the deductions that are allowed, therefore when you are ready to file your taxes, you will be aware and could properly plan for estimated taxes if you are making excess income of what the IRS allows.

#3. M.A.K.S. Mobile App will provide a year end report to assist business owners with preparing their 1040 Schedule C tax form. You can present this report to your CPA, tax accountant or do-your-own tax preparation.

#4. M.A.K.S. Mobile App will allow you to pay for what you need. If you start your business in the middle of the year, you may need partial months to manage and track your deductions. You may choose from 3 plan options. ( 3-months, 6-months, or 12-month plan).

#5. M.A.K.S. Mobile App is not just for tracking income and deductions to help you prepare your 1040 Schedule C, but it will also answer your question, “What deductions can I take if I work from home”? As a bonus, this feature is available with a paid plan.

#6. M.A.K.S. Mobile App comes with a FREE trial offer for 14 days to give you time to try before you buy.

#7. M.A.K.S. Mobile App also comes with a built in appointment scheduler to get tax advice, ask questions and more. (Additional Fees Apply)

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